Translate from Italian to Russian and Ukrainian language

Our company currently offers translation and localization services from Italian to Russian or Ukrainian.

Although the translation volumes from the Italian language to Russian or Ukrainian are smaller than in other translation directions, the Italian-Russian direction has been actively developing recently. The main fields of translation and localization in this pair are technical, legal and medical (in particular, the materials of forensic medical examination).

Besides, we translate subtitles for video clips and films.

While working on Italian-Russian and Italian-Ukrainian translations we comply with all the requirements of our workflows:

-          Engaging several specialists. At least two independent linguists (a translator and an editor) are involved in every Italian-Russian or Italian-Ukrainian translation project, and in case of projects of extra importance the number increases to three and more (a translator, an editor, a proofreader, an online review specialist etc.).

-          Several levels of quality audit. After editing or proofreading we perform checks using various quality audit tools, such as Xbench. We have even developed special lists of common errors for this application. These lists (checklists) allow tracking down even spelling errors not recognized by standard spellcheck tools.

-          Constant feedback. For every Italian-Russian translation project larger than 2 pages or 500 words we perform the internal quality assessment using the solutions for comparison and assessment developed by our specialists. In this case we add customer requirements and feedback to comments concerning the errors made. These comments are viewed by each translator or editor involved in a project.


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