How to create a project in Protemos quickly

You can open the Create Project page in Protemos with one shortcut.

Some of you use Protemos as a translation project management system. It is simple and convenient, and if you create many projects a day, you can speed up your work and get rid of tedious and routine actions.

To create a project in Protemos, you need to select Projects tab and press New project button:

This action is simple as it is, yet it consists of several even more simple actions:

  • running/selecting a browser
  • opening the Protemos web page
  • selecting Projects section there
  • pressing New project button

If you have many projects a day, you have to repeat these actions many times. This is where automation can help.

Recently we talked about how start programs quickly. Creating projects in Protemos can be done in a similar way. To do this, perform the following:

  • Right-click it on the desktop of your PC to create an icon on it and select Create > Shortcut.
  • In the field Type the location of the item, enter the following URL: Then, press Next.
  • In Type a name for this shortcut, enter the name for the icon, for example, Protemos project. Then, press OK.
  • After that, right-click the icon, go to the Properties and enter a shortcut that will be used for opening, like we did it in the post about starting programs quickly

When done, you can open the Create Project page in Protemos with one shortcut you entered.


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