How to Enable and Configure Spelling Check in Word

Word is the most important program for spelling check

According to the modern quality standards, spelling mistakes are relic of the past: they are not acceptable at all. If some word is underlined with red, it is an obvious reason to check it.

This may seem strange, but in many programs, in both “regular” ones and CAT tools, spelling check is either not correctly configured or not enabled at all by default. In some of them, you have to enable spelling check manually, while in others, you need to add glossaries first, to set some check boxes, to add some extensions or plug-ins etc.

In this post (and several upcoming posts), we will show how to make necessary adjustments in different programs allowing to automatize spelling checks.

The very first program we are configuring, is Word itself. We begin from Word because many other programs use (or allow using) its spelling engine.

To enable spelling check, please select:

File > Options > Word Options > Proofing


Here, please select the check boxes Check spelling as you type and Use contextual spelling and deselect the check box Hide spelling errors in this document only.

Please note the following:

  • To be able to perform spelling check in some language, the correspondent language files must be installed along with Microsoft Office or added later.
  • Word automatically disables spelling check, if the amount of issues it spots exceeds 2000. If this happens, you have to enable it manually.
  • Word is capable of performing spelling check on different languages simultaneously. To do this, parts of text on different languages must have correct language attributes. In other words, you should show to the Word, where is English, Japanese, Czech etc.

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