How To Get .mqxliff File From memoQ .mqback File

Extracting mqxliff from mqback is easy

Recently, we learned how to extract .xlf file from .mqxlz. XLIFF file in memoQ. It appears to be that extracting .mqxliff file from a memoQ delivery package, .mqback file, goes in a similar way.

Like some other memoQ files, .mqback file is actually an ordinary ZIP archive. If you add .zip extension to its name and then unpack it, you get a set of .mqxliff files and a “technical” .xml file (like DeliveryPackageInfo.xml).

.mqxliff files can be processed like any other bilingual files. I.e., you can import them to memoQ project, run QA in Xbench (even in its free version, 2.9), etc.


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