How to Merge Segments in TagEditor

When you work in TagEditor, especially when you edit the text, you sometimes need to expand the existing segment by adding part of the next segment or, vice versa, to shrink the existing segment. Usually it happens when segmentation is not correct or when the source text has a complicated structure.

It is easy to segment the text correctly during the translation stage: it is enough to make sure that source text has the required text fragments.

The segment that you need to add the additional fragment to can be expanded using the Expand command (key combination CTRL+ALT+PgDn):


The segment is expanded to the nearest character that TagEditor treats as the segmentation sign. If an "unnecessary" fragment gets into the segment, it can be "moved" to the next segment using the Shrink command (key combination CTRL+ALT+PgUp):


The non-segmented text is displayed in TagEditor as follows (let's take, for example, Alice in Wonderland):


The non-segmented text is displayed in TagEditor as follows (let's take, for example, Alice in Wonderland):


As you see, TagEditor has cut the first segment at the colon after "nothing to do" and broken the sentence into two parts. It would be logical to expand that segment by adding the second part of the sentence:

once or twice she had peeped into the book her sister was reading, but it had no pictures or conversations in it, 'and what is the use of a book,' thought Alice 'without pictures or conversation?'

But that part has already been placed in the second segment. That's why, first you need to remove the second segment. Otherwise, you won't be able to expand the first segment. To do so, open the second segment by pressing ALT+Home:


In order not to lose the translation (so-called target), you need to select and copy it into the clipboard by pressing CTRL+C. Then remove the translation by pressing ATL+Del:


The translation is removed and only the source English text is left. Remember that translation is stored in the clipboard. Now you return to the first segment and open it:


You expand it (TagEditor allows doing it as there is no second segment anymore) by pressing CTRL+ALT+PgDn:


Now you need to paste the translation of the second segment into the target from the clipboard by placing the cursor at the end of the first segment and pressing CTRL+V:


...and close it with committing the translation into the translation memory by pressing ALT+End:


This way all the text of the pre-translated second segment has been combined with the first segment.


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