How to Export Text from Passolo File

You can convert the text from Passolo into can another, more convenient format

Passolo files (they have tbulic extension) are not convenient for some operations: it is not easy to add the translations they contain to the existing Trados translation memory, to perform QA in Xbench etc. Free Passolo Translator's Edition does not allow that at all; Professional version allows them, but the export procedure is rather complicated.

The export of translations from Passolo file becomes possible with a help of auxiliary macros, attachable to the program.

By default, the macros files are downloadable from here:

To enable macros for export in Passolo, please perform the following steps:

Unpack the archive and copy .bas files it contains,

  • PslAutoProjectFromFolder.bas
  • TEK_Passolo2TMX.bas
  • TEK_Passolo2Xliff.bas
  • TEKPassolo2TTX.bas

to the Passolo macros folder. The path can be different depending on your Passolo and Windows version, for example:

Windows Vista/7/8:

  • c:\Users\Public\Documents\Passolo Translator\2011\Macros\
  • c:\Users\Public\Documents\Passolo Essential 2011\Macros\
  • c:\Users\Public\Documents\Passolo 2011\Macros\

Windows XP:

  • C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\Passolo Translator\2011\Macros


Now you can export the translation from Passolo into text format.

In Passolo, press CTRL + M or select Tools > Macros. The dialog window Macros appears. It contains macros beginning from TEK...


TEK_Passolo2TTX.bas macro is for exporting text into TagEditor (TTX) format.

Note: When you try to open the resulting .ttx file in TagEditor, the message about missing .ini file appears. You can choose any .ini file from the existing ones. Changing .ini file affects nothing, because the text is already segmented.

TEK_Passolo2TMX.bas macro is for exporting text into TMX format.

TEK_Passolo2Xliff.bas macro is for exporting text into XLIFF format.

To run a macro, select the necessary one in the list and press Run button. The resulting file with exported text is created in the folder where the original .tbulic Passolo file is stored.


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