LocWorld 2016 in Dublin

Our team has just returned from Dublin where LocWorld, one of the most significant events in translation industry, took place. LocWorld brought together global and local leaders in providing services that in one way or another are related to translation and localization.

For us, the conference started in the evening on June 7, before its official opening. Many of its participants gathered in the traditional Mulligan’s pub where everyone could greet old friends and meet new ones.

On the next day, June 8, we participated in two different workshops: one of them was devoted to company growth strategy while the other was about relations with customers. We got many great recommendations from acknowledged authorities in translation industry. On the one hand, they confirmed our guesses. On the other hand, they allowed looking at many issues from an unusual point of view. The night ended with the complimentary drinks from the organizers with the traditional Guinness.

The conference itself took place on June 9 and 10. This is a large-scale event: several streams of lectures, exhibition hall with many interesting participants, much networking with new people. But a man can do no more than he can. That’s why we tried to participate in the activities that were the most interesting for us: we visited several lectures, talked to the majority of exhibition participants and discussed topical issues and cooperation opportunities with many visitors. The first day of the conference ended with the dinner in the restaurant located right above the football stadium. In the end of the second day, many participants could be observed in the noisy district called Temple Bar that is famous for its pubs.

For some of the participants an informal part of the conference continued on June 11 in the format of quests, joint excursions around Dublin and ale tasting. On Monday, many people returned to their offices and shared their impressions about the trip with their colleagues. However, we decided to stay a few more days to see Dublin and its suburbs as tourists. But that’s another story that can take several pages.

We came back home with a great deal of new professional contacts, ideas and a feeling of shortage of hands to implement new ideas. It will take a couple of weeks to sort out all the details. Then we will start applying the received experience in everyday work systemically. That’s the reason why you need to visit such conferences in person: they speed up growth of any translation agency in a quality manner.

You can see some photos from the conference on our pages in Facebook https://goo.gl/eO1NhQ or Google+ https://goo.gl/photos/jhyiiCfYWDFsobMM8.


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