News from TQAuditor development team

Last week ChangeTracker site have been fully renovated.

Apart from creating brand new web site design, we’ve reactivated the newsletters and linked the site with our social media pages to keep the users informed about our progress, so you can subscribe both to email newsletter and social media pages. On updated web-site you can:

  • Find some facts about ChangeTracker history and success
  • Find out about our plans of further improvement
  • Subscribe to our Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ or Twitter pages
  • Suggest further improvements of the tool

Below are just some quick facts to give you the idea what we are working on.

In 2013 we started developing TQAuditor, a tool similar to ChangeTracker, but with broader functionality. New online tool can do the following:

  • Compare bilingual files, just like ChangeTracker
  • Classify each correction and get the quality index for the translation
  • Enable anonymous communication between the translator and the reviewer
  • Generate the Quality reports for your company

You can read more about it here.

We have been using TQAuditor internally for over 3 years, and now we are developing V 2.0 to share this tool with you.

We are planning to make 2 versions:

- Freelance. Its functionality will be similar to that of ChangeTracker 2.0, and it will be free to anyone.
- Enterprise. This is the first and unique comprehensive quality assessment and monitoring system for the translation companies. You can get the idea about it from our article.

The release date is scheduled to September, we will keep you posted.


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