Technolex is going to ND Brussels

Second year being the active member of ELIA, Technolex Translation Studio is going to the traditional autumn event for Networking Days, this time in Brussels.

ELIA stands for European Language Industry Association—the premier trade association for the European language services industry embracing 200+ members throughout Europe and beyond (

Networking Days happens annually since 2007 and its purpose is to bring together language companies for personal and professional development not only for companies, but for the whole industry.  ND Brussels is the 20th edition of Elia’s flagship event, Networking Days, where language companies learn to manage their business more effectively and maximize their service offering.

ELIA is committed to creating events and initiatives that are highly relevant to the needs of the industry, so we just cannot miss this event. The place chosen also gives an additional inspiration. Located in the heart of EU, when European government rules, Brussels in fact is very old city with almost fifteen hundred years history which has many sightseeing to visit before and after networking days.


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