Technolex on ELIA ND Focus

To keeps eyes on modern trends, at the end of April 2016, Technolex Translations Studio top-management visited Mallorca, Spain for traditional spring event for executives from member companies of European Language Industry association (ELIA).

Organizers succeeded of creating a really warm and friendly atmosphere at this ELIA ND Focus event.

The agenda was focused on “business strategies” and “mergers and acquisitions” topics.

On business strategies section a great deal of successful strategies were discussed.

It began from “Setting your sights on the future”, continued on the “action and re-action” topic. The main thread of conversation was about clear vision and strategy for growth.

. Such important questions like “What is the company’s purpose, its values and strategic thrusts? How should company grow: organically, reactively or through opportunity?” were raised. Later on the same day, different types of organizational structures were discussed: from flat to tall and hierarchical. We also took a look at leadership, performance and accountability in the context.

The second day was devoted to more in-depth discussion of previously raised topics and also the results of 2016 Language Industry Survey. Then, to get the most benefit from attending ND Focus for Executives, all participants were invited to a recap where moderators summarized the sessions from their track and opened the basement for questions.

We’d like to thank moderators for their great work, for keeping information exchange process really interesting, especially business strategies section, which was the main area of interest for us.

Beautiful nature of the real island paradise stimulated creative thinking and approaches. Great people around promoted great networking!

And special thanks for organizers for choosing such a great place, the famous Barceló Formentor hotel, where many celebrities from Churchill to Dalai Lama stayed.


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