Translation events from March 27 to April 2, 2023

Tuesday, March 28

 ATA: webinar Plain English in Legal Translation—The Why and How, online, $45–60

 CrowdIn: webinar From multilingual UI to multilingual company, online, free

 CSA Research: webinar Moving from Legacy TMS: Insights from Global Enterprises, online, free

 Phrase: webinar How marketers can effectively leverage machine translation and AI (), online, free

 ProZ: webinar Plus subscriber small group profile review, online, free

 TAUS: webinar Moving from Legacy TMS: Insights from Global Enterprises, online


Wednesday, March 29

 Acclaro: webinar LocLife™: Master the art of managing up, online, free

 Across: webinar AcrossMT- Der Boost für Ihren Übersetzungsprozess, online, free

 CSMC: webinar Fundamentals of Translational Oncology, online, free

 LocLunch: meeting LocLunch Brno | In person | March 29, 1pm CET, Brno/online, free

 Nimdzi: webinar Language inclusivity and accessibility, Eventbrite's approach, online, free

 Phrase: webinar The benefits of using a translation management system, online, free

 RWS: webinar Patent Translation Quality Matters, online, free

 Smartling: webinar 5-Minute Demo and Live Q&A with Smartling, online, free


Thursday, March 30

 European Commission: meeting Translation technologies in specialised and institutional translation: Room for collaboration across sectors (March 30–31), Gdansk, free

 GALA: webinar Project Management for AI-based Language Solutions: A Case Study on a Small Business Adapting to the Agile Framework, online, $0/75

 IATIS: conference Multilingualism in Translation (March 30–31), Paris

 IT&T: webinar Food & Drink Network: Culinary translation, online, free

 LocLunch: meeting LocLunch Lille #5, Lille/online, free

 ProZ: conference The 1st Virtual Conference for Remote Interpreters, online

 RWS: webinar An introduction to translation collaboration, online, free

 WLCAT: meeting Ask the Expert - AI in Localization, online, free


Friday, March 31

 LocLunch: meeting LocLunch™ (LocDrinks edition), London/online, free

 LocLunch: meeting LocLunch Málaga March Edition, Malaga/online, free


Saturday, April 1

 CATI: conference CATI’s 35th Annual Conference, Charleston, $35–160

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