Translation events from October 24 to October 30, 2022

Tuesday, October 25

 IT&T: webinar Focused and productive: get the right things done with, online, £20 + VAT

 RWS: webinar An introduction to Trados’s terminology solutions, online, free

 RWS: webinar Creating translation projects in Trados Studio, online, free


Wednesday, October 26

 ALC: webinar Launch your 2023 Internship Program with ALC Bridge, online, free

 memoQ: webinar A Seamless Localization Experience is the Heart of your Workflow: Connect memoQ to your Existing Systems, online, free

 Nimdzi: webinar Understanding M&A: Growth, Preparation, Investment, and exit, online, free

 ProZ: seminar Trados Studio 2021 Getting Started Part 1, online

 RWS: webinar How a CAT tool can help you, online, free

 RWS: webinar Using machine translation (MT) in Trados Studio, online, free

 WL: webinar Bloopers, Blunders, and Bloodcurdling Mistranslations, online, free


Thursday, October 27

 ALTA: discussion Translating Ukrainian Literature: Values and Voices, online, $10

 BeLazy: webinar Continuous Localization for Agile Software Development, online, free

 European Commission: seminar ISO 18587: 2017 Standard on Post-editing of Machine Translation Output - Theory, Practice and other Related Issues, Romania

 European Commission: seminar Clear language and Gender-neutral language in legal texts, Slovakia

 GALA: webinar The Debate We All Need to Hear: Should Prices in the Localization Industry Go Up or Down?, $0–75

 ProZ: seminar Cómo iniciarte en el mercado de la subtitulación. Un taller paso a paso, online

 RWS: webinar A beginner's guide to Trados Studio 2022, online, free

 Smartcat: conference LocTalk, online, free

 Smartling: webinar Getting Started with Smartling's Google Drive Integration, online, free


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