Translation events from September 19 to September 25, 2022

Tuesday, September 20

 BeLazy: webinar Does a translation company need a software development team?, online, free

 GALA: meeting Membership Office Hours (September 2022), online, free

 Goethe-Institut Glasgow Library: вебінар Translators’ Stammtisch 2022, online, free

 IT&T: webinar International Network Discussion: sharing our translation processes, online, free

 IT&T: webinar Understanding the RSI landscape, online, £20+VAT

 Memsource: webinar Panel Discussion with Translator Associations - Finding Their Role in the Modern Loc Community, online, free

 ProZ: webinar Meeting clients at, online, free

 RWS: webinar Transform team translation with Trados Team, online, free

 techforword: webinar Create an eye-catching email signature in no time flat, online, free


Wednesday, September 21

 ATA: webinar Getting Out of a Business Slump, online

 ATC: conference Stargazing: What will we be selling as language services in five years’ time? And how?

 RWS: webinar Using machine translation (MT) in Trados Studio, online, free

 Slator: conference SlatorCon Remote September 2022, online, $98

 Tekom: conference Nordic Techkomm (September 21–22), Copenhagen, €210–570


Thursday, September 22

 ATA: webinar Russian Legal Translation, online, $90–120

 GALA: webinar Anonymization for Compliance Yes, but Use It for Protection and Knowledge, Too!

 RWS: webinar Get to know the cloud capabilities of Trados Studio 2022, online, free

 RWS: webinar Successful enterprise terminology in RWS Language Cloud, online, free

 Conference Interpreters and Translators Conference 2022 (September 22–24), online, $150

 Conference Tekom Belgium - Gent Event, Ghent/online

 Slator: webinar Defining & Measuring Success in Digital Marketing, Zoom, free

 Conference Translation in Transition 2022 (September 22–24), Prague/online, €40–100

 WLUK: meeting Freelancers' Spa, online, free

 XTM: webinar XTM Connect Series: Akeneo, online, free


Friday, September 23

 ALTA: webinar Teaching Translation Beyond the Traditional Classroom, online, $10

 European Commission: workshop Translators’ ethics in the era of machine translation, Lithuania

 Trinity Centre: webinar New Perspectives in Translation and Interpreting Studies, online, free


Saturday, September 24

 NOTIS: workshop Diabetes for Medical Interpreters, Zoom, $40–70


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