MT_postediting into Ukrainian and Russian

Even though we do not promote the usage of machine translation (MT), it should be admitted that there is a growing trend of MT usage in the industry. The benefits of such an approach are still controversial. On the one hand, MT can help to reduce time and effort spent on localization projects in general, but only as long as it is acceptable to receive a raw text for general understanding. Due to MT development, new translation approaches arise; however, do not expect that MT will become a viable alternative to translators in the near future.

Facing new tendencies and market needs, we offer MT post-editing services. Presently, we work only with pre-translated files. This means we get your MT and make a professional proofreading of it to ensure decent quality.

Nevertheless, we do not work with large amounts of MT. The reasons are as follows:

- Low quality of Russian and Ukrainian MT segments. Consequently, in most cases we have to remove the existing translation and translate from scratch.

- Sentences with multiple subordinations, frequently used in Slavic languages, are difficult for MT processing, since in modern MT systems statistics-based models are used.

- High requirements for MT post-edited texts, accompanied by a short time allocated for proofreading, and low rates.

- MT at its current stage of development cannot be used in many fields. These include marketing, legal content, and pharmacology.

Since we follow industry trends, we can offer MT post-editing services, if the limitations above are acceptable for you. However, if you adhere to a “quality first” principle and you would rather not choose budget “economy” (eventually resulting in extra expenses for re-translation), we suggest that you consider our traditional translation services.


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