Apps Localization

An ideal localization of an app usually goes unnoticed, and one may get the impression that it takes little effort to perform. In fact, though, you need to put in a lot of actual doing to achieve such a result.

First of all, sometimes you have to localize an app while not having access to its release version. Of course, to achieve the best quality of localization this condition should ideally be met or, at least, the customer should provide the context in the form of detailed screenshots for every menu and working window.

Apps localization not only requires professional linguistic knowledge, but also demands understanding of localization principles and basic skills in programming. With this in mind, our apps localization team even involves software engineers for which linguistics is a second education. Moreover, on your request we can engage specialists in this area of expertise for consulting purposes.

Be assured that we are very well acquainted with the nuances of application development and localization. Thus, we can guarantee high-quality localization of products and a personalized approach to each and every customer.


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