Game Localization

Localization of games is, on the one hand, similar to literary translation, and on the other hand requires special technical expertise, just as in the case of software localization. For this reason the field of game localization, no matter how easy it may seem, is one of the most complex areas of this sphere of action.

First of all, linguists should use their technical knowledge and apps localization skills to correctly interpret the elements of user interface and menu. Moreover, translators should be familiar with the topic of the game. For example, in the case of fantasy games they should know the origin of character or artifact names. Furthermore, a localizer should have a rich imagination, as some of the names in games often need inventing from scratch to correctly reflect their origin and convey the relevant pun in Russian or Ukrainian. The sense of style is critically important in the translation of screen texts and dialogs. Surely, you don’t want users to laugh at your translation when instead of the phrase “Why are you meddling in other people’s business?” (Required by the context) they’ll hear something like “Are you sure you should be concerned about this?”

Finally, translators should (ideally) be a bit of a gamer themselves and play extensively the game that has been localized, because it’ll give them a better understanding of what kind of text appears on the screen, as well as when and why it is shown. In some cases you have to discover the origin of words and invent new terms to properly convey the corresponding derivation.

Taking into consideration the above, our company’s game localization department is currently in the development stage, and we are glad to welcome new clients who help us progress in this area.


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