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Localization of software is a complex and time-consuming process. An ideal localization usually goes unnoticed, and one may get the impression that it takes little effort to perform. In fact, you need to put in a lot of work to achieve such a result.
To begin with, it is difficult to localize a software product without access to either its release version (the ideal case), or detailed screenshots for every menu and window (a satisfactory case).
A typical example of UI localization is the English word “Edit”. Depending on the context, it can be translated into Russian as “Правка” (a menu item), “Править/Редактировать” (a context menu sub-item, action selection, button name), or “Редактирование/Изменение” (a tooltip above a button). Additionally, the English version of an application may use one and the same resource to display this text (an undesirable case).
Therefore, even localization of separate software terms may require a unique decision in each particular case. For instance, if one and the same resource is used for the word “Edit”, this term should be translated consistently to fit in every occurrence (for example, as “Редактирование”). Alternatively, if there were active cooperation with the application developers, a good solution would be to rebuild the resources according to the localized software version (which is more difficult from a technical point of view, but makes it possible to create a user friendly localization). When localizing date fields, the latter is the only option that makes it possible to display dates in different parts of an application correctly.
As our team involves professionals in this area who are familiar with the subtleties of software development and localization, you can always count on quality localization and an individual approach.


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