Management process

Management process

A translation company does not provide translation services. It provides translation management services. Finding and training suitable linguists, coordinating projects, controlling quality and in-time delivery, scaling the teams for the translation projects, paying to each individual translator, and much more.

A good translation company does all this job in a way that you do not have to think about all these things. And here is how we achieve this.

Project Management

Our experts

Each of our project managers is an expert hard to find even in translation industry. Each of them has a translator and editor experience, over 5 years of translation project management experience, expertise in professional software, and soft skills for establishing friendly relations with our customers, and motivated to deliver the translation in time and proper quality.


After we agree about the cost, dates and terms of your translation project and receive the files, your personal project manager forms the linguists team, coordinates their job, and ensures the quality and timely delivery.


If any questions arise, the project manager discusses it with customer. When all jobs are ready and the quality is checked, project manager delivers the translation to customer, and waits for the confirmation or any possible questions. If needed, extra post-production actions are done by the project manager

Typical Workflow

Unless otherwise specified by customer, every translation project goes through the following steps:

Software Tools Used

Our system

Great part of our translation project management is standardized and automated with the help of Protemos, specialized translation business management system.

Project documentation

All your files, our invoices to you, our assignments to translators, and much part of communication is recorded there, so we forget nothing.

Customer profile

If you wish, we may create a client profile for you, and that will enable sending your translation request and receiving our deliveries directly through Protemos. If you prefer old-school emailing, that’s also ok with us.

ISO 17100:2015

We are ISO 17100:2015 certified, which means that our translation management processes have been audited and found compliant with the industry standards.