Software localization


Software localization goes beyond translation, demanding a deep grasp of the user interface and menu context. Misinterpretation risks arise with single or two-word phrases if their connection to the interface is unclear.

Localization may require creative, yet concise translations due to space constraints in the software menu. In some languages, interface reconfiguration is necessary for different writing systems. Rigorous testing is essential to eliminate linguistic bugs in the localized software.

Expert approach

We leverage our extensive experience to navigate complex localization processes, specializing in software localization since our establishment in 2010 – and even earlier. While NDAs prevent us from detailing specific projects, it’s highly probable that anyone in Ukraine using a smartphone, smart TV, or game console has encountered software that bears the mark of our localization proficiency.

Unlock global reach

If you need software or website localization into Ukrainian or other Eastern-European languages, we’re here for you. Please get in touch with us by filling out our contact form.

Elevate your software or website with localization that resonates with your users, regardless of their language. Rely on our established track record and expertise in software localization to ensure your digital content truly connects with your Ukrainian and Eastern-European audience.