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Access professional translation services delivered by our expert translators


Enhance the quality of your translation through our meticulous editing


Ensure your message is heard and understood with the help of our skilled interpreters

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Have our team expertly handle the formatting of translated documents for print


Improve content accessibility and global reach through our expert subtitling solutions


Leverage both your translated and original text with our accurate voiceover services

What our clients say

Technolex is our premier partner for Ukrainian language. We appreciate the high quality of the offered services, the absolute reliability in combination with deadlines that are always respected. Needless to say that at Technolex you have real people who listen to your needs and requirements and who over time become more friends than only business partners. Highly recommended!

Christian Faust


Many years of cooperation between Gorenie and Technolex is a main proof, that we chose the right translation services provider.

Irina Solomykyna

Marketing Director

I have been working with Vladislav from Technolex Translation Studio for many years, and I am very happy to have them among other language providers. Cooperation-wise, I met them for the first time when working for the previous employer. I joined AVG in April 2011 and after a couple of months we did Localization Partner Selection process – I knew Technolex would be the first choice for Ukrainian language services. My feeling was based not only on perfect cooperation we have had at that time-being, but also because of another aspect – the added value. Apart from delivering translation service, which all the customers are used to, Technolex provides suggestions and tools in terms of workflow, engineering and quality. They are very skilled and can prove this on a daily basis.

Petr Muzikar

Localization Manager

Technolex Translation Studio has been our reliable partner for years. During that period, the translators of this company have completed lots of diverse translation projects, including complicated technical texts. I would particularly like to acknowledge the efficiency of the team, since delivery of translations was always done on time or even ahead of the schedule.
When ordering translations from Technolex Translation Studio, I can always be sure to receive not only the best service, but also the highest quality delivered on time, or in most cases even way ahead of the deadline. Simply put, they are every manager’s dream vendor, and I’m happy to work with them.

Ekaterina Golubtsova

Localization Project Manager

I’m glad that Technolex is among the many companies that I’ve had the chance to work with. Working with them is very predictable. The translations are done how we need them: quickly and always with high quality.

Denis Razumtsev

Acting General Manager

I’ve been working with Vladimir from Technolex Translation Studio for several years now. He does the important work to localize our software and web site to Russian language. He’s always been quick to respond to task requests and questions, and more important, the quality of his work is exceptional. I look forward to continuing the partnership with him for many years.

Stefan Chekanov

Managing Director

I’ve been working with Technolex on multiple projects in the IT and health & fitness fields for more than 5 years now. I totally recommend your services to all seeking quality, attention to detail, timely delivery, and excellent communication throughout the process. As a localization manager myself, I understand what it takes to set up all the stages of the translation and localization processes. I must admit, at Technolex you have everything running perfectly well. Thank you for cooperation!

Mykola Tarasenko

Localization Manager

Technolex is absolutely amazing, always on time, incomparable quality and the teams always go above and beyond our expectations. We never have a worry when Technolex is on the job!

Denise Ponce

Technolex is a top-class agency. We have had a very nice cooperation from the very beginning – great contact with Ivan and Maria first and then with Olga who is our dedicated PM from Technolex. I know our own PMs are extremely glad for the way Olga handles our projects. She always sends fast replies, and the translations are always delivered on-time. Quality is very high. I would recommend Technolex anytime.

Sandrine Michelle Elkmann

Senior Vendor Manager

We are very satisfied with our cooperation with Technolex in general. The communication is smooth, timely and helpful. Deadlines are respected, and the work quality is of high standard!

Peter Marton

Ruslan [PM at Technolex] has been extremely professional and easy to work with. Deliveries have always been on time and of high quality. Ruslan has been very responsive if I have any concerns or problems, which I really appreciate. Thank you!

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At the core of our business philosophy is a commitment to ethical principles and trust. We prioritize honesty and transparency in our interactions with customers, partners, and employees.

Customer focus

Our approach revolves around understanding and meeting the unique needs of our clients. We provide precise, timely and high-quality translations that not only meet but exceed our clients’ expectations.

Constant improvement and innovation

We are dedicated to constant learning and development, embracing innovative technologies, processes, and training to enhance the quality of our services.

Data Security

Recognizing the sensitivity of information we handle during the translation process, we make its confidentiality and security our priority. Our adherence to stringent data protection protocols ensures the utmost security for the entrusted data.

Employee well-being

We prioritize our employees’ well-being and professional growth, fostering a collaborative environment with teamwork, knowledge sharing, and open communication.