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If switching languages makes you mad 

It doesn’t have to be like that. Most people working on a computer with only two languages switch them with the help of the CTRL + SHIFT key combination and have no problems with that (we are talking about Windows). It may become even easier with Punto Switcher. But as soon as there are more than two languages in the system, the […]

How to quickly start or close programs

You can start or close a program with only one shortcut. 99.9% of users start programs with a mouse. The quickest way to start a program with a mouse is to double-click its icon on the desktop. This action seems to be as simple as possible, but it includes several even simpler actions: Starting programs […]

How to resolve a “general massive catastrophic system failure” in Trados Studio

“General massive catastrophic system failure” in Trados Studio is neither general nor massive, nor catastrophic. On some occasions, Trados Studio shows a frightful message, “general massive catastrophic system failure.” This can happen in different versions of Trados Studio. The message is horrible: you may think planet Nibiru will crash into the Earth soon, and it is the right time to panic. Ironically, […]