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How to quickly replace straight quotation marks with chevrons in Word

You can convert all straight quotes in the text into chevrons with one replacement. We already know how to quickly convert straight quotes into guillemets (chevrons) in Trados Studio and memoQ. Sometimes you get to do this not in the “cat” (that is, not in the CAT tool, a computer-aided translation tool) but right in the so-called “mono text,” i.e., the text […]

What is hidden text and how to see it

The hidden text option helps to see non-visible defects. Look at the picture: It is a screenshot from a Word document. Yes, it is the first stanza from famous Lewis Carroll’s “Jabberwocky.” Of course, there are many non-existing words there, and that is why Word underlines them. But everything else seems to be ok.  BUT no: there are many defects in these four […]