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How to quickly search in Trados Studio concordance

You can search in Trados Studio in both source and target without a mouse! Like any other serious CAT tool, Trados Studio helps you work by allowing you to search in concordance—i.e., in the translation memory attached to a Trados Studio project you work on. There is a dedicated shortcut: F3. (By the way, it is the same in the ancient Trados 2007.) […]

How to export text from Passolo file

You can convert the text from Passolo to another, more convenient format. Passolo files (they have .tbulic extension) are not convenient for some operations: it is not easy to add the translations they contain to the existing Trados translation memory, to perform QA in Xbench, etc. Free Passolo Translator’s Edition does not allow that at all; Professional version can do that, but the export […]

How to turn 100% of segments into XU and vice versa in TagEditor

You can turn 100% of segments into XU segments and vice versa even without TagEditor. It is a simple trick that can be done even without TagEditor. To turn 100% of segments into XU segments (i.e., blocked protected segments) in a .ttx file, you need to make the following replacement: <Tu MatchPercent=”100″>to<Tu MatchPercent=”100″ Origin=”xtranslate”> To […]