How To Create The Subfolder Tree Quickly

There is a quick way to create the folder tree with one command

For example, you have the following file path (to be exact, folder path) somewhere in the text:

The Upper Folder\Its Subfolder\One More Subfolder\Yet Another Subfolder\The Last Subfolder

And you want to create the tree of folders according to this text line. If you try to copy this text line, to paste it into the Explorer and to create the folder tree this way, you fail: you get the single folder with the ugly name:

The Upper FolderIts SubfolderOne More SubfolderYet Another SubfolderThe Last Subfolder 2

This is because Explorer eliminates back slashes.

But there is a quick solution: use Total Commander. Press F7 (it is a shortcut for creating a folder in Total Commander), paste this text string there and press OK. You get the entire tree structure at once:

Subfolders in Total Commander


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