How To Get .sdlxliff File From Trados Studio Package

There is a simple way to extract .sdlxliff from Trados Studio package

Recently, we already discussed how to extract .xlf file from memoQ XLIFF File (.mqxlz). Users of Trados Studio often encounter the similar challenge: how to extract .sdlxliff bilingual file from Trados Studio package. The procedure is described below; it is even more simple.

1. Like .mqxlz, an .sdlxliff file is actually the renamed .zip archive. Add the .zip extension to it.

For incoming package:


For return package:

my_Trados_Studio_return_package.sdlrpx ->

2. Extract everything from this .zip file.

Inside, there are several folders. Two of them (if your package is bilingual) correspond to the source and target languages and are named according to the language codes. For example, if you translate from English into Ukrainian, your folders are named en-US and uk-UA. The .sdlxliff files you need are in the folder of your target language.

That’s it!

Note: This procedure is the same both for incoming and return Trados Studio packages. The only difference is in the fact that there is no translated text in the incoming package.

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