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How to turn on the display of hidden text in Trados Studio

The hidden text allows us to rectify hidden issues. Seasoned translators know that while working with a text, they should display hidden text: it often conceals problems that are not visible in an “ordinary” text. We’ve already spoken of how to display hidden text in Word and why it is worth doing that. Today we’ll learn how to […]

Hidden characters In different CAT tools

In this post, we will show how to enable hidden characters in the mainstream CAT tools. A month ago, we mentioned hidden characters in Word. Since it is useful to see them when working on texts, it makes sense to know how to toggle them in the mainstream CAT tools.  Trados Studio When in Editor mode, select Home tab on the […]

What is hidden text and how to see it

The hidden text option helps to see non-visible defects. Look at the picture: It is a screenshot from a Word document. Yes, it is the first stanza from famous Lewis Carroll’s “Jabberwocky.” Of course, there are many non-existing words there, and that is why Word underlines them. But everything else seems to be ok.  BUT no: there are many defects in these four […]