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Algorithm for getting rid of ordinary Trados Studio errors 

Extraordinary errors we describe in individual posts. Trados Studio is a source of numerous errors, which sometimes turn out to be quite exotic. Troubleshooting methods are [or should be] described in the help section of the SDL portal. Many of them are gathered by hashtag #tradosstudio on our website. If you encounter a mysterious error, try checking the […]

How to fix “Culture is not supported” error in Trados Studio

“Culture is not supported” error can be fixed. When opening certain packages, Trados Studio gives you a mysterious unsupported culture message, something like this: In this case, there is only one thing clear about this message—it says that Trados Studio package can’t work with the Norwegian language (NO-NO is the code for Norwegian). But what does this language have to do […]

How to resolve a “general massive catastrophic system failure” in Trados Studio

“General massive catastrophic system failure” in Trados Studio is neither general nor massive, nor catastrophic. On some occasions, Trados Studio shows a frightful message, “general massive catastrophic system failure.” This can happen in different versions of Trados Studio. The message is horrible: you may think planet Nibiru will crash into the Earth soon, and it is the right time to panic. Ironically, […]