How To Get .xlf File From memoQ XLIFF File (.mqxlz)

There is a simple way to extract .xlf from memoQ .mqxlz

Sometimes you have a memoQ XLIFF file (with .mqxlz extension), but it is much easier for you to work with .xlf file. (For example, .xlf files, unlike .mqxlz ones, allow performing the QA checks in the free version of Xbench.)

The trick described below helps:


1. First, you should know that .mqxlz file is actually the renamed .zip archive. Add the .zip extension to .mqxlz file:

my_memoQ_file.mqxlz ->


2. Extract everything from this .zip file. There are two files inside the .zip:

  • document.mqxliff
  • skeleton.xml


3. Add the .xlf extension to .mqxliff file (you do not need skeleton.xml at all):

document.mqxliff -> document.mqxliff.xlf

So, you get the .xlf file containing the same bilingual text.



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