How to resolve a “general massive catastrophic system failure” in Trados Studio

“General massive catastrophic system failure” in Trados Studio is actually neither general, nor massive, nor catastrophic.

In some occasions, Trados Studio shows a frightful message “general massive catastrophic system failure.” This can happen in different versions of Trados Studio.

The message is really horrible: you may seem that planet Nibiru will crash into the Earth soon and it is a right time to panic. Ironically, despite of a “catastrophe,” Trados Studio  continues to work smoothly after that. The only problem is term recognition: it stops.

But the panic is premature. There are at least two ways to resolve this.

The first one: Detach all termbases attached to the Trados Studio project, restart Trados Studio and attach the termbases again.

But sometimes that is not enough, and the message returns. Then, the second way should help.

With a 99% probability, the operating system on your PC is “pure” Windows 7, without service packs installed. Install them :) In particular, install the Service Pack 1.

In general, it is recommended to install updates on OSes :)


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