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If switching languages makes you mad 

It doesn’t have to be like that. Most people working on a computer with only two languages switch them with the help of the CTRL + SHIFT key combination and have no problems with that (we are talking about Windows). It may become even easier with Punto Switcher. But as soon as there are more than two languages in the system, the […]

Algorithm for getting rid of ordinary Trados Studio errors 

Extraordinary errors we describe in individual posts. Trados Studio is a source of numerous errors, which sometimes turn out to be quite exotic. Troubleshooting methods are [or should be] described in the help section of the SDL portal. Many of them are gathered by hashtag #tradosstudio on our website. If you encounter a mysterious error, try checking the […]

Free QA Distiller

In the time of the pandemic, many developers are trying to help their clients. Starting from April 1 and version 9.3.5, QA Distiller (also known as QAD), a semi-automated translation quality assessment program, has become free. No, it’s not a joke. QAD is a competitor of Xbench, Verifika, and other similar programs. It has been offered in three versions so far: Freelance, Professional, and […]

How to change the font size in a browser

You can zoom through web pages in no time. A web browser is one of the most frequently used programs. Many people don’t know the difference between a browser and the Internet. Today, the most popular web browsers are Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Edge (a Windows platform). Together they hold 98% of the market. The websites and web pages you […]

How to get rid of the “Requested Clipboard operation did not succeed” error in Trados Studio

Only the patient one wins the battle for clipboard! While working in Trados Studio (and with texts in general), one has to perform numerous copy-and-paste operations by pressing CTRL+C and CTRL+V key combinations (you don’t copy texts with the help of your mouse, do you?). Translators are constantly looking up terms in dictionaries, reading specialized articles on the Internet, etc. However, […]

How to enable and configure spell checking in Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird is not able to use Microsoft Word spelling engine, but checking spelling still is possible. Many of us use Mozilla Thunderbird for emails. It is an ancient but powerful free email client. Spelling errors in emails you send look ugly. So you should know how to check spelling in Thunderbird.  First, you need to prepare your Thunderbird so it can […]

How to enable and configure spelling check in Chrome or Firefox

Your browser can check spelling in the way Word does. We have already set the spelling check in Word, memoQ, Wordfast, Trados Studio, and Passolo. All of these programs are standalone software for PCs. But many CAT tools are so-called SaaS—”Software as a Service”. They are not software, but rather services providing online access to servers. There are many of them; the […]