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How to quickly replace straight quotation marks with chevrons in memoQ

In memoQ, you can change all straight quotes in the text to chevrons with one command. In the previous post, we learned to convert straight quotes into guillemets in Trados Studio at one blow. In this post, we’ll learn to perform the same operation in memoQ. This is how it’s done. Open the replace dialog box. Press CTRL+H and the Quick find […]

How to quickly change tag display mode in Trados Studio

Trados Studio allows for a fast switch of tag display in the text. As we already know, sometimes Trados Studio misleads users by hiding tags and provoking mistakes labeled as a tag mismatch. Trados Studio is not to blame here: the task of the program is to provide translators with opportunities, and translators must decide for themselves how to use […]

How to configure Trados Studio for work after installation

Before working with Trados Studio, “sharpen” it to match your tasks! If you have installed Trados Studio or had it installed, it’s worth changing several default settings immediately before you start working. It’s worth working with the latest version of Trados Studio. With every update, developers get rid of errors and improve security. And if you want the application on […]

How to show or hide tags in Trados Studio

Be careful with tag appearance in Trados Studio! Look at the screenshot below: It is an ordinary text in an ordinary Trados Studio document, isn’t it? You translated it and everything looks good. But if you try to perform a QA (press F8), you suddenly receive multiple error messages about tag mismatches. You are puzzled, as there are only five […]