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Algorithm for getting rid of ordinary Trados Studio errors 

Extraordinary errors we describe in individual posts. Trados Studio is a source of numerous errors, which sometimes turn out to be quite exotic. Troubleshooting methods are [or should be] described in the help section of the SDL portal. Many of them are gathered by hashtag #tradosstudio on our website. If you encounter a mysterious error, try checking the […]

How to remove the “An error occurred whilst trying to determine the file version” error in Trados Studio

In most cases, projects that have disappeared from Trados Studio can be restored. Another post about Trados Studio errors. The symptoms of the disease are as follows: one fine day you start Trados Studio, and it displays the “An error occurred whilst trying to determine the file version” message: You press the OK button (there is nothing else to press here anyway). Trados Studio starts […]

How to remove the “Dependency file not found” error in Trados Studio

Usually, this error doesn’t prevent you from translating. Nevertheless, you can get rid of it. First, let’s figure out what causes it. When you create a package for translation in Trados Studio, each file you add to it gets converted into the SDLXLIFF format, and the translation is performed in this new file. The name of the SDLXLIFF […]

Attribute error in WordFast 5.6

In old versions of WordFast, you may get an attribute error. If you use WordFast Pro 5.6 or another version older than Wordfast Pro 5.12 and try opening TXLF files generated in the new version, you may get the following error message: Attribute ‘gs4tr:uuid’ is not allowed to appear in the element ‘file’  It takes place because earlier WF versions can’t recognize this […]

How to fix “Invalid Argument” error in Trados Studio

If Trados Studio does not open the correction window, there is a workaround. We keep on studying Trados Studio bugs features. Trados Studio allows you to open many SDLXLIFF files at once. To do this, you have to check Include subfolders in the Files mode at the left: Then at the right, in the file list, select several files having the SHIFT key pressed or select all […]

How to get rid of the “Requested Clipboard operation did not succeed” error in Trados Studio

Only the patient one wins the battle for clipboard! While working in Trados Studio (and with texts in general), one has to perform numerous copy-and-paste operations by pressing CTRL+C and CTRL+V key combinations (you don’t copy texts with the help of your mouse, do you?). Translators are constantly looking up terms in dictionaries, reading specialized articles on the Internet, etc. However, […]