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A tragedy about cutting SDLXLIFF files, part two 

Pain and battle scars There are different methods for cutting a big SDLXLIFF Trados Studio file into several smaller ones. You can use a plugin designed specifically for this, SDLXLIFF Split/Merge. But be careful. It is terrific at splitting (to be completely honest, not that terrific, often rather whimsical) and terrible at merging. A painful case of practice: […]

A tragedy about cutting SDLXLIFF files, part one 

Bad luck and a too lucky enemy A case from practice. We have received a project in Trados Studio. The file is only one, but huge, and the deadline is close. We were forced to cut it into pieces and assign them to different translators. It is not nice, but the client refuses to give more […]

Algorithm for getting rid of ordinary Trados Studio errors 

Extraordinary errors we describe in individual posts. Trados Studio is a source of numerous errors, which sometimes turn out to be quite exotic. Troubleshooting methods are [or should be] described in the help section of the SDL portal. Many of them are gathered by hashtag #tradosstudio on our website. If you encounter a mysterious error, try checking the […]

New memoQ version 9.4

A few words about the changes in the new memoQ version. Recently, a new memoQ version has been released—9.4. Key changes: And a lot of other stuff has been added.

How to remove the “An error occurred whilst trying to determine the file version” error in Trados Studio

In most cases, projects that have disappeared from Trados Studio can be restored. Another post about Trados Studio errors. The symptoms of the disease are as follows: one fine day you start Trados Studio, and it displays the “An error occurred whilst trying to determine the file version” message: You press the OK button (there is nothing else to press here anyway). Trados Studio starts […]